Upcoming Releases

We are continually building out new features and Add-ons, and we’re excited to hear from you on what new Add-on would be the most beneficial for you and your Cause.

The following is a list of Add-on ideas that we are experimenting with. They are not in active development. But if we see that they get a lot of votes, we’ll be certain to prioritize them to be pushed into active development.

WP Job Manager – Freelancing: Bidding option like upwork or elance site ,Freelancer can give Proposal or Bid.Store Owner can charge like Upwork/elance etc.

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187 Votes so far

Going under active development. No ETA

Profiles is built on the solid foundation of the BuddyPress plugin. We decided to fork this project to provide a more generic Profiles plugin that could be easily extended for…

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30 Votes so far

Coming Soon

WP Job Manager – Reports: Reports For WP Job Manager. It is built like WooCommerce Reports. Check all your Updates Fixed Admin CSS issues.

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31 Votes so far

Coming Soon

Screening Questions Add a few questions you'd like your candidates to answer when applying to your job. Option to select predefined Question set. Each job can have different set of…


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