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Ninjaforms EDD Checkout

Need to accept Payment using Ninja Form with EDD?

Well, here is a already solution available for it. Thanks to Andrew Munro.

Here is plugin Ninjaforms EDD Checkout. For using it, simply you can down load it from github and install it in your WordPress Setup. Before doing it we need to make sure that we have installed the Ninja Form and EDD.

Now We need to create a form in Ninja form.Suppose we want to make a donation using Ninja Form. So we need to add Payment fields. Here I am adding a “Total” field to the form.

Forms ‹ UltimateMember — WordPress


Now we have added payment fields. We need to link it to EDD. In setting section of Ninja Form, we can link it to EDD.

Forms ‹ UltimateMember — WordPress

Now we are done with necessary settings. Bingo!!

Time to make a payment. So we need to place that ninja form shortcode on page and need to open that page.

Ninja UltimateMember


When we will do submit the form, it will redirect to EDD checkout page with details of the form.

Checkout UltimateMember

Final step is to hit purchase button and now we can easily accept payment using Ninja Form and EDD.

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